My Metal


Here is some of my favorite metal (and hard rock) from the past 15 years or so. The songs speak for themselves, so there is no need for comment. I don’t get as much opportunity as I would like to look for new metal, so if you have suggestions for songs you think I might like, feel free to pass them along. However, please don’t feel offended if I don’t then add them automatically to my favorites, since I’m trying to keep that list to 30 to 40 songs, i.e. genuine “favorites” among the many songs I like….

My Top Ten


Alien Weaponry:

  • "Ru Ana Te Whenua"

The two guitarists in this 3-person New Zealand band were 15 when this video was shot in 2017, and the drummer was 17 -- and they're singing in the language of the indigenous, Maori people. I've never heard such young kids make such cool noise in my life.

Avenged Sevenfold:

  • "Nightmare"

Corrosion of Conformity

  • "Albatross"  


  • "The Light"

Five Finger Death Punch:

  • "The Pride"


  • "Straight Out of Line"

Killswitch Engage:

  • "Hate by Design"


  • "Just One Fix"


  • "Psychosocial"


  • “Halo”

More Cool Stuff

Alien Weaponry

  • "Kai Tangata"  


  • "Isolation"

  • "Addicted to Pain"

Amon Amarth

  • "Balls to the Wall" (cover of the German metal band, Accept's, original)


  • "Be Yourself"

  • “Like a Stone”

Avenged Sevenfold: 

  • "Buried Alive"

  • "Hail to the King"

Bad Wolves

  • "Zombie" (cover of the Cranberries' 1990's classic)

Black Label Society

  • “Fire it Up”

  • "Funeral Bell"

  • "Stillborn"

Bullet for My Valentine

  • "Your Betrayal"


  • "Save me"


  • "The Animal"

  • "Indestructible"

  • "Stupify"

  • "Sound of Silence" (cover of Simon and Garfunkel's classic, with over 400m views)

  • "Down with the Sickness"

Drowning Pool

  • "Bodies"


  • "Bring Me To Life"

  • "Going Under"

 Five Finger Death Punch

  • "Hell to Pay"

  • "Lift Me Up"

  • "Wash it All Away"


  • "Love Falls"

Nothing More

  • "Fadein/Fadeout"

Parkway Drive

  • "The Void"

  • “Vice Grip"

Paradise Lost

  • "No Hope in Sight"


  • "Du Hast"

Shotgun Messiah

  • "Heartbreak BLVD"


  • "Mandatory Suicide"


  • "Before I Forget"

  • "Killpop"

  • "The Devil in I"

Texas Hippie Coalition:

  • "Pissed Off and Mad About It"


  • "Jambi"

  • "The Pot"

  • "Schism"

  • "Vicarious"


  • "Strife"